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What is Gravity Colors?

Gravity Colors is a company that was established in 2013 in Spain to supply plastic scale model builders with premium quality automotive paints, making it possible to paint car models with the exact color shade that was used in the factory by the car manufacturer. It is a registered trademark.

What type of paint is Gravity Colors paints?

Gravity Colors paint is a solvent based base coat lacquer paint, pre thinned for airbrush use only. Our paints have fast dry time, no fading and excellent coverage which makes it very easy to work with.
Gravity Colors paints come in three types, solid, metallic and pearlescent colors. Solid paints have no sparkle effects like metallic and pearl effect colors. Metallic paints contain aluminum flakes to create a sparkling effect. Gravity Colors use the smallest metal flakes available in the industry to create the perfect paint solution for small scale car models. Other paint manufacturers use medium to large scale metal flakes in their paints that creates an “out of scale” finish when applied to car models in 1/24 scale or smaller.

Do I need to thin Gravity Colors paints?

NO. Gravity Colors paints are pre-thinned for Airbrush use, so you don’t need to thin our paints. They are thinned to a consistency which is perfect for Airbrushing. Anyway, if you want to thin Gravity Colors products then, please use only Acrylic Thinner. Do not use water or alcohol. Other thinner  brands might not be compatible with Gravity Colors paint, primer or clear coat products.

Should I use a Primer for Gravity Colors paints?

YES absolutely! Gravity Colors paints are solvent based which work the best with a primer that seals the plastic and creates a surface for the paint to adhere to. Our Gravity Colors micro filler primer is perfect for plastic, resin and metal. For professional results always use a primer on your scale model car kits. Please take a look at our Gravity Colors primers by clicking here.

Is clear coating necessary?

YES. Gravity Colors base coat paints dry to a semi gloss satin finish so they require clear coating if your goal is to achieve a high gloss finish on your model car. Gravity colors clear coat solutions are available on our website. Please click here to see our clear coat products.

How can I clean my airbrush after using Gravity Colors paints?

You can clean your airbrush with airbrush cleaner, regular lacquer thinner or acetone. Ultrasonic cleaners do a great job cleaning airbrush parts.

Is it possible to strip Gravity Colors Paints from my scale model?

YES it is! Gravity Colors Paints can be stripped using brake fluid or isopropyl alcohol without damaging the model car’s plastic body. Just submerge your model car body in a small container filled with brake fluid or alcohol and leave the model in it for a couple of days. The paint will get separated from the plastic. Make sure you clean and dry the model completely before re painting it.

What is the best way to fill up my airbrush with Gravity Colors paint?

Use a transfer pipette or paint dropper to fill your airbrush cup with paint.

How much shipping costs to my country?

Our shipping costs depend on the weight and counrtry. You can calculate them before checking out your order.

Can I order custom paints that are not listed on Gravity Colors’ website?

We don’t mix custom colors. If you have a color request, contact us, and if that color is available in our data base we study being scheduled and added to our catalogue.

Do Gravity Colors paints have an expiration date?

NO. However thinner in the paint can evaporate over time, but you can always add more thinner to restore the paint viscosity to its original state. Make sure you always keep the paint bottle tightly closed. Put the bottle cap back on immediately when not in use. Keep your paint in a cool, dry place.

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