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FOCUS: The ultimate products for model car interiors.

Leather, fabric, alcantara or carpet?

Having a perfectly finished bodywork is very important, but we can’t downplay the interiors.

For the last few years we have been asked for a line of product to paint the interiors. Most of the modelers realised that plane colours, or an out of scale flocking on the carpet, are very easy to do but they consider that it doesn’t look realistic

A real car interior has plain colours, but depending on how the light fall upon them, it will reflect different colour shades, making it look with volume. A scale car painted with plain colours will reflect plain colours, so we need to paint the high and low values as well as the mid tones, for a realistic result.

We do not only offer a wide range of colours. We also offer different finishes depending on the material we want to simulate:
Leather, with a satin and smooth finish.
Fabric, with a matte and smooth finish.
Ancantara, with a matte and very subtle textured finish.
Carpet, with a matte and rough textured, but in the right scale finish.

Focus will offer an ultimate and unique range of products never offered for model cars and bikes before in order to satisfy a need for the modeler, not covered until now, and what is more important, very easy to use.