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GRAVITY Model Car Primers

First things first.

Did you just buy yourself a model of your favorite car or bike? The first thing you have to do is apply a layer of primer, to prepare the surface for subsequent processes and to ensure excellent adhesion of the paint. Gravity Colors Surface Primer does not hide the details of the model and can be applied on various surfaces such as plastic, resin, evem metal. It has a microfiller that will help you to cover the small scratches or dents. You can wet sand it for getting an smother surface.

The primer is applied in thin layers successively, and dry quickly forming a homogeneous film of extraordinary hardness and strength elapsed a few minutes after application. It can be used directly from the bottle, in addition, it is advisable to wash the model before to remove the remnants of release agents.

To clean the remains of primer from the airbrush, we recommend the use of acetone or nitrocellulose thinner.
Gravity Colors Surface Primer is available for light colors as well as for effect and dark model car paint colors.