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GRAVITY Model Car Paints

Classic, modern, racing or tunning?

If you have already chosen the car model that you like most, now it comes the most important thing. Have you decided what style are you going to give it? In Gravity Colors we have an innovative and wide range of colors to give you that touch that you like the most.

Our range of colors has been meticulously studied to offer the factory colors as well as the match colors used by racing cars. Behind each color, there is not only an effort for offering the highest quality, but an exhaustive research work for offering the same color with which it was painted the actual racing car or bike.

Our colors are acrylic lacquer base coats that dries in five minutes with no thickness but with an excellent hardness. Since they have no thickness, they dont cover small scratches of the model, that must be fixed up previously with the surface primer.

Although our paint dries in five minutes, it is convenient to wait ten minutes for masking on them. The primer is the perfect junction bridge between the model and the paint, so with a well primed model, you will never tear off the paint when unmasking.

Our paints are ready to be used directly with the airbrush, however, we have acrylic solvent for that modeler that wants to thin even more their colors. In the same way we warn that a paint dissolved in excess could melt the pieces of plastic.

To clean the remains of paint from the airbrush, we recommend the use of acetone or nitrocellulose thinner. You can use alcohol if you just change from a color to another one.